Sound Tigers Camp, 10/1 — Calvin de Haan’s Progression

Kevin Schultz

SYOSSET, NY — Paired with Ty Wishart at Sound Tigers training camp, Calvin de Haan is healthy and ready to play hockey. Now 21 and a half, de Haan is looking to put his shoulder troubles behind him. He had surgery in 2010 to correct a shoulder injury and missed a month in early 2012 with a second injury that didn’t require surgery.

“[The shoulder] feels good,” de Haan said at Iceworks on Monday. “I think last time might have been a little bit of a fluke. It feels strong and I’m ready to go.”

One of the other questions about de Haan has also been his size and whether he’s ready for the NHL level in that respect. He’s up six pounds from last year to 195lb and as he likes to say, is always working on getting ‘faster and stronger.’

“I say that every year and it’s probably the best answer because you can never be too fast or strong,” he said.

Watching de Haan on the ice can be a bit deceiving when skating next to the 6-foot-4, 218lb Wishart. De Haan looks small next to Wishart but that’s a bit of an illusion, as Wishart is the biggest skater on the ice. De Haan has grown up a little bit physically and would have been at Islanders camp competing for a defensive spot, had there been an Islanders camp.

“Of course it is,” he replied when asked if it was disappointing to not be at an NHL camp. “But we still get to play hockey, we’ve got jobs here, and it’s a good thing because I love playing the game of hockey and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

De Haan is certainly motivated to help the team he’s on, but does also have his eyes set on bigger things.

“I just want to have a solid season. It’s not necessarily about putting up 100 points in a year, it’s about playing a good pro game that’s going to translate well into the NHL.”

Sound Tiger Lines and Notes, 10/1

Kirill – Nelson – Nino
Persson – Ullstrom – McDonald
Halmo – Sundstrom – Backman
Mackay – Clark – Gallant
DeFazio – Watkins – Riley

Hamonic – Donovan
de Haan – Wishart
Ness – Landry
McIver – Cantin

Poulin / Nilsson

Casey Cizikas did not skate and is still day-to-day with a groin injury.