Read: How Tough The Regular Season Would Be For The Atlantic Teams

Kevin Schultz:

Kevin Schultz: In the New York Times on Sunday, Jeff Klein posed two possible scenarios for a 48-game season. The schedule would likely involve almost exclusively conference play with, potentially, a huge emphasis on divisional matchups.

There are two probable ways that Steve Hatze Petros, the league’s vice president for scheduling, could set up a 48-game schedule for a team. For example, the Rangers could play eight opponents three times each and six opponents four times each. Or the Rangers could play their four Atlantic Division foes seven times each, and the remaining 10 teams in the conference twice each.

However, as Bettman said explicitly, he had not decided on a minimum schedule length. In a 46-game schedule, the Rangers could play their four Atlantic Division opponents four times apiece, and the remaining 10 teams three times apiece. In a 44-game schedule, the Rangers could play their four division foes six times each and the remaining 10 Eastern teams twice each.

It might be time to get really comfortable with all the teams in the Atlantic, as we may be seeing a lot of them if a shortened season does happen.

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Last season vs the Atlantic Division:

  • The Rangers were 15-7-2
  • The Pens were 13-10-1
  • The Flyers were 11-11-2
  • The Devils were 13-11-0
  • The Islanders were 8-13-3

The Rangers could play each of the Atlantic teams SEVEN teams during the 48 game schedule.

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