Lubomir Visnovsky Not at Slovakian Olympic Camp (Update)

Kevin Schultz

Update, 11:20am: Yeah, he probably isn’t hurt. He’s been riding around on a bike and skipped the Olympic camp because he didn’t want to interrupt his physical therapy routine.

vis bike

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Original Story: Earlier this month, Slovakia held their Olympic camp in preparation for the 2014 games in Sochi, Russia. One notable absence was defender Lubomir Visnovsky.

According to, Visnovsky missed the camp due to an injury that requires physical therapy, although it’s unclear what exactly the injury is. Of course, if Visnovsky is injured that is a potential problem for the Islanders.

That said, I’m pretty skeptical that the defender is hurt. After all, he’s 36-years-old and a shoe-in to make the Slovakian team. It may be more of an “injury” designed to give the veteran a free pass from attending camp. He finished out the season healthy here on the island, and there’s been no news about his driving habits.

In other Olympic news, invites to the American and Canadian camps are expected this week.