REPORT — Lubomir Visnovsky Got a House in Jericho, Might Return with Family

Kevin Schultz

Lubomir Visnovsky has been back in Slovakia this weekend, attending to an extremely sad tragedy involving a friend’s son. Visnovsky is expected back “by the weekend,” but whether that means in time for tomorrow’s game or Sunday’s game or neither isn’t clear.

While Visnovsky was in Slovakia, the Slovakian press did what it does best and talked to Visnovsky. So this week we learned that he won’t be playing in the World Cup, equates Long Island to countryside — or at least the Slovakian word for it — and that it sounds like he will be bringing his family back with him. Via

“I found the family house in a quiet neighborhood in Jericho training hall, I feel like the countryside. On Friday, travel to America as a complete and Familia at children, I will charge inflated energy in the NHL. “

Got to love the automatic translation hiccups, which spit out “charge inflated energy in the NHL.” But it’s pretty clear from this that Visnovsky moved to the lovely countryside of Jericho, NY and, while this next part isn’t quite as clear, it seems like he will be bringing his family back to Long Island with him. Having his family closer could be a big weight off his shoulders.

Also, I wouldn’t read too far into this in regards to Visnovsky staying longer than this season on Long Island. Many players rent houses, and there’s no indication here if that was or was not the case.