THE MORNING SKATE — Picking Up the Pieces

Kevin Schultz

Yes, well, that happened last night. The Islanders got a taste of what playoff hockey is and they didn’t have much of an answer. The team on the other side,  well, they’ve been there and done that. After the game, they told the media this is what the playoffs are all about.

“That’s part of the game,” Jarome Iginla told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Dejan Kovacevic after the game, referring to hit deflected shot that hit Evgeni Nabokov  in the mask. Nabokov stayed down and play was stopped, but he continue to play another approximately 20 minutes before being pull in the second. I’m sure the Isles’ veteran goalie understands perfectly well that it’s part of the game. 

The guy with the view from the opposite net had a similar thought:

“No sympathy,” Marc-Andre Fleury said. “I don’t know if I should say that. … It does ring, sure. I had a few. When you get hit really hard, it rings your ears, and the straps on your mask pop off. But it’s playoffs.”

“It’s playoffs,” says the guy with the ring on his hand. The mentality spoken about by the number one seed’s netminder is, to paraphrase, to deal with it, persevere and keep going. No one cares if it’s tough or painful, “it’s [the] playoffs.”

Nabokov told Newsday about that much last night:

“It’s got to hurt to play, and this was too easy,” Nabokov said. “We have to come back for the next game and be ready, be more physical and just make it harder on them on every inch of the ice. It’s the only way we can play with that team.”

Will the Islanders come out and put everything behind them on Friday night? They’re pros, you would have to think they will. But either way  “it’s playoffs,” so they’ll have to or else it’ll be a quick series.


Looking to watch the game with fellow fans on Friday? Share your spots in the comments or email them to us (islanderspointblank(at), we’ll add them into tomorrow’s post. If you’re in Brooklyn, here’s the info on that meetup:

When: Game two, Friday 6:30pm
Where: O’keefe’s Bar, 62 Court St, Brooklyn

They’ve got a facebook group too if you want to check that out.


The CBC’s opening playoff montage from last night:

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