AN ISLANDERS FAN MAKES AN APPEAL TO NIFAColiseum support from the Mazzottas of Farmingdale

(Editor’s Note: Point Blank was CCed on this letter from reader Joe Mazzotta on behalf of his family to the Nassau Interim Finance Authority. NIFA, which must approve all expenditures by Nassau County over $50,000, will have a lot to say (positively or negatively) about the Aug. 1 public referendum and Charles Wang’s deal with Nassau for a new Coliseum and surrounding property. With Joe’s permission, I’m sharing his letter. Point Blank welcomes all viewpoints on this issue. If you would like yours to be considered for posting, please email it to Thank you…CB)


Dear NIFA,

I am writing on behalf of many friends and family members who are fully behind the development plans recently proposed for the Coliseum site.  We feel the referendum should proceed on August 1st as planned and that all that is possible to fast-track development should be accomplished.

The lack of development on this site is a failure of our political process for 50 years to the detriment of all Nassau residents.  We have missed opportunities to create a vibrant Hub that we can all be proud of and that would dramatically improve our quality of life.  At this juncture we feel that all must be done to work out a private-public partnership for development of this site.  The site would become a magnet for further economic development and will help to restore Nassau County’s financial health and civic pride. 

Kate Murray’s failure and blocking of a fully private investment in site development should not allow the current plans to be delayed or halted.  If they are, we believe it will have devastating long-term effects on Nassau County as a region, diminish our stature and render the entire area as one in decay.

The potential loss of the New York Islanders would be a devastating blow to Nassau County’s stature.  The notoriety that a professional sports franchise brings to a region opens doors to investment opportunities that would be non-existent otherwise.  It goes way beyond the cash exchanged in the arena and local hotels and restaurants.  The New York Islanders in their heyday gave Long Island its identity locally, nationally and internationally.  Charles Wang has the organization on that path again.

We cannot allow the Hub to remain the void it has been.  Political failure after failure have been common in the Hub including the placement of an incinerator in the heart of the county.  Even more outrageous is the preservation of countless acres of potentially tax-generating real estate that was designated as “prairie land preservation.” We can no longer allow this entire area in the Nassau Hub to be a wasteland. 

We implore you to do all in your power to move Nassau County forward and approve the plans for the Coliseum site in an expeditious manner.  We cannot allow Kate Murray’s failure to become Nassau County’s failure for generations to come.  We are fully behind County Executive Mangano and Charles Wang.  Again, we ask for your expeditious approval of the Coliseum site plans.

Thank you for taking the time to understand.

On behalf of Nassau Friends and Family*,
(*most of us have been Nassau Residents for over 50 years)

Joe & Jeannie Mazzotta
Farmingdale, Town of Oyster Bay
Nassau County, Long Island, NY


Comments on this letter and the Coliseum debate are welcomed.