Uh, So, A Swiss League Player Bit John Tavares Last Week

Photo credit: Blick.ch

To answer your first two questions; yes, that’s really a headline, and yes of course, that came from our European media friends via Google Translate (through LHH).

Blick.ch is reporting — with the visual proof you see above — that John Tavares got bitten during a Swiss League game last week against EHC Biel. It was allegedly from defender Clarence Kparghai, who Tavares apparently had in a headlock during a scrum. The quote from Bern coach Sven Leuenberger makes it out of Google fairly unscathed:

“Because I’ve never seen John so emotional and upset, I asked him after the game, which has been going on,” says SCB motorsport boss Sven Leuenberger, “he told me that he had been bitten.”

Bern has informed the league about the incident, but who knows if there would be any off-ice repercussions. For what it’s worth, Kparghai denies the biting but says Tavares lovingly embraced him had him in a headlock.

“I have not bitten Tavares. He took me in a headlock and pressed my face against his belly. “

Either way, we’re one step closer to hockey’s version of the Twilight Saga or Walking Dead, whichever one you prefer.