Blowhard Don Cherry Weighs in on Timeout Gate, Calls Capuano "The Islander Guy"

It’s not a Saturday night in Canada if an old man in a suit cut out of the carpet in your grandma’s house isn’t yelling at a TV camera. As he does each week, Don Cherry yelled at different stories from the week in the NHL on Hockey Night in Canada. In the final portion of his seven minute segment Cherry set his sights on Isles coach Jack Capuano for the time out he called at the end of the Red Wings/Islanders game on Tuesday night.

“You young coaches out there I have to tell ya something, never do what the, uh, Islander guy did,” Cherry said starting off the segment in true Cherry form by forgetting Capuano’s name. “How anyone could be so stupid and call a timeout with 30 seconds to go,” he continued before prattling on to the ‘young coaches out there.’

Here’s the video for your viewing displeasure.