Das John Tavares T-Shirt and Das John Tavares SC Bern Debut (Update)

Kevin Schultz

Update, 1:30am Saturday: And here’s a picture of Tavares in his new uni, per the Daily News.


Straight from the SC Bern fan shop is this item looking like it came from a parallel hockey universe. It’s the John Tavares SC Bern T-Shirt, if you’re looking to remember his lockout vacation to Europe or, you know, if you’re an SC Bern fan. It costs 40 swiss francs, which is around $40, although I can’t make any promises that the overseas shipping is either available or cheap.

Tavares made his debut for Bern tonight at 7:45pm local time, which was 1:45pm EST if I have my time zones right. Marcel Kuchta, a sports journalist in Switzerland, tweeted that Tavares is flanked by Daniel Rubin and Ryan Gardner on his wings, Bern’s third line. Gardner is a native of Toronto who has spent all 16 years of his pro career in the Swiss league. Rubin is a 27-year old native of Bern, who has spent his career in the Swiss league and has played for the Swiss national team. I’ll have more on Tavares’ debut if there’s anything of note but for now, here’s a picture of him with what is to us North Americans, a very odd looking helmet, plastered with advertisements.

Photos via SC Bern