WILL YOU REALLY BE "DONE WITH THIS TEAM"?Stand up if your loyalty truly rides on this draft pick

(image sent by Joe, who may or not be done)
Image sent to me by Joe, who may or not be done 


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UPDATED at 12:15 am: Amazing how these things work out. I wrote up this post because I was intrigued by the test of loyalty discussion, but also because I wanted something fresh tonight before I left the house for RVC’s big 3.0 tennis match against Setauket. I came home at midnight to what I believe is the best Comment thread since we started Point Blank.


Thank you for that. If you haven’t shared your thoughts yet, please get them in this morning. I’m sure we’d all love to hear from as many Islanders fans as possible. Thanks again…CB




7:15 pm – I really think the Islanders should draft John Tavares. Y’all, um, probably know that. Like many of you and Ryan Jankowski too, I wish they could also draft Matt Duchene and Victor Hedman.


Hedman and Duchene are no doubt future impact players and I was really impressed with both in our conversations. But there’s something I wanted to address tonight, and I really hope no one gets insulted – although I can understand how it could be taken that way. I sincerely mean no harm. Just want to provide some calm, hopefully common sense perspective.


As a general rule, fans who post in April, May and June on blogs called Islanders Point Blank and message boards like Islandermania will not – despite their proclamations – quit supporting a team because the team doesn’t draft the player they want. Or trade a great player. Or change the logo to an angry fisherman. Or are purchased by a schlemiel with no money.


As you are well aware, the Islanders have sorta pushed that theory to the limit over the last 16 years.


I get it. I have lived it from all angles.


I think the Islanders are going to draft John Tavares. I really believe it is what they should do. There will be some mayhem in Islanders Country if they do not draft Tavares, but I don’t see the fanbase dropping.


The drafting of Hedman or Duchene will make it a harder summer for the NYI sales force than if they took Tavares, of that there is no question.


As I said on XM this afternoon, the Islanders are in a really fortunate position. They get to draft the consensus best prospect available – maybe not by a landslide, but a solid majority – in John Tavares. By incredible coincidence, Tavares also happens to be the only player in this draft that could help the team sell around 2,000 full season ticket package equivalents this summer. Goshdarnit, they are one lucky franchise.


Perhaps ultimately Duchene or Hedman can make the Islanders a better team 3-5 years down the road. In the end only a consistent contender will consistently fill Kate Murray Arena. If the Islanders have that kind of patience and vision along with confidence in their scouts, bless their hearts.


If I’m dead wrong and the Islanders don’t draft Tavares, there will be some raw negative emotion at the packed Draft Party on Friday. But eventually, around the time of the opener in October, at least 95% of the proud and the many will likely still be there to root, root-root for the home team. It’s not like Hedman and Duchene stink.


Comment on THIS STORY ONLY in this thread. If you really think I’m wrong about this test of loyalty, please take the time to think about it and declare your true intentions. Identify yourself in Comments and this will be permanently archived on the Internet for everyone to check back next season and see where you stand.

Jaden Comeaux
Jaden Comeaux

Frank S, I too agree that the 14/15 year will be exciting. Women's college basketball fans across the country will not be disappointed. UConn is playing a tough pre-season schedule as they did last year. However let's not forget that they'll be facing all of the top ranked teams in November and December. These teams will still be a little rough around the edges that will be smoothed out by tournament time. If you remember last year, Stanford was real quick to point out just before the rematch in their final four matchup that they were NOT the same team that UConn beat back in November. Most teams get better and find their groove as the season wears on. I have a feeling that the four incoming freshmen and a healthy Morgan Tuck coming back from knee surgery will surprise and please the UConn faithful. I can't wait for the season to start. Go Huskies.

Frank Simmons
Frank Simmons

Really good interesting schedule. Geno's buddies Depaul and Villeneuva are very good buddies.   Geno has an excellent rep in the WBB world, Muffets nasty words during the NCAA final 4 not withstanding.  Geno is truly a wise ass but the most decent honest man ever and he gives his shirts away daily.  

I like the Schedule, ND and Duke it would be nice to see NC and tenn on the schedule, but maybe next year.

SC will give UC fans a chance to see what the missed or maybe not missed.

If the Freshmen and Tuck are fully heathly it will be a great and thrilling year 14/15