Dylan Reese Discusses Dropping the Gloves With Giroux

UNIONDALE — Towards the end of last night’s second period, Dylan Reese and the Flyers’ Claude Giroux fought with the latter player possibly trying to spark his team. Giroux wouldn’t allude to that being the reason after the game, telling CSN Phildelphia that “it had to be done.” He thought that the fight had been coming over the course of the game saying “we got into a couple of slashes and hooks, me and him, pretty much the whole game.”

It was a bit of an odd fight to see, as the leader of the Flyers fought with the Islanders’ recent call-up. For Giroux, it was a sort of Gordie Howe moment that makes him the adoration (among other reasons) of Flyers fans.

With a few stitches on his nose, the Islanders’ Reese thought it was more of a momentum shifting maneuver. “He was trying to get a spark, I don’t blame him, and I think that shows a lot of courage on his part being a leading scorer and a guy who’s not supposed to do that,” Reese said at practice Friday.

Either way, the Islanders gained a bit of an upper-hand as the fight took the Flyers’ best player off the ice for five minutes. “I’m not gonna shy away from something like that but he didn’t either,” Reese continued. “It was a good, honest fight. It’s good to take him off the ice for five minutes.”