PITTSBURGH 4, ISLANDERS 3 (SO)Strongest words yet from Charles Wang

CB on FanHouse on Charles Wang’s response

6:38 pm – Wang’s Fed Up: Charles Wang sounded like a man who’s had it with the Town of Hempstead. He didn’t even have a good take on Kate Murray’s olive branch phone call on Friday, saying he told the Hempstead Supervisor that he didn’t want their conversation to end up in Newsday. Murray called Newsday and told a reporter not just her side of the conversation, but what Wang told her.


The deadline is about to pass, and apparently Wang’s patience is through, too. “Angry, disappointed, some might say disgusted,” he told reporters in a pre-game briefing. I asked him if this is the first time reality has hit him that the Islanders could be playing somewhere other than Nassau County. “It is,” he said, “and that is very sad.” Asked if he would give priority to meetings with an outside municipality over the Town of Hempstead, he acknowledged, “There is time to do both.”


I asked Wang if it’s possible Hempstead Town didn’t take his bluff seriously because he has always gone out of his way to say he wanted to make the Islanders work in Nassau County. “I guess maybe,” he said. “It’s not what I want. But it’s not like they are giving me many choices.”



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5:55 – Charles Wang to meet with media at 6:15 pm. I’ll have an update soon after. Tom Suozzi confirmed to drop the puck, flanked by Bossy and Trottier. So much for making this one night about Tavares and hockey!

1:30 – Please check out my FanHouse pre-game story with Tavares and Crosby, projected lineups and some notes. Enjoy the game.