POINT BLANK LATEST: Named National Hockey Writer for Fanhouse; Still hope to find place for PB


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With change comes opportunity. Beginning next week, I’m joining AOL as national hockey writer for NHL Fanhouse. I’m very excited to be taking my act on the road and to have no boundaries in the beautiful game of hockey. Based out of New York, my assignments will include features, columns, opinion pieces, podcasts and live coverage. AOL has given me a tremendous opportunity and I plan on running with it.


My goal to find a full-time home for Point Blank remains. Time is running out on my personal deadline of Labor Day weekend, but possibilities exist. If the posts slow down over the next week, please know it’s because I’m working on my first Fanhouse pieces and attempting to finalize a deal to keep Point Blank alive and thriving.


Can I do both? Absolutely. Do I want to do both? Absolutely. In this business and in this economy, sports writers and bloggers have multiple affiliations. If I’m fortunate enough to have two, that’s nothing. Look around. One of my new colleagues at Fanhouse has five sites listed under his email signature. My editors at AOL support my wish to continue Point Blank and I’m very grateful for that.


Everything I may accomplish in this end of the business going forward is a result of the off-the-charts support I received from Islanders fans during the first year of this blog. Everything.


Even my invite to the AOL offices in Virginia was because of a reader – a transplanted Long Islander, a business executive at AOL who asked me if it was okay if he told some of the editors about my work. The kindness of strangers is astounding. Thank you to all of the PB readers, and also to the Islanders for the chance to start a writing career.


Four people in my life know about the Fanhouse gig as I post this. (I need to call my mom now). There’s a strong likelihood you’ll see my byline attached to stories on some of your least favorite teams in the next few weeks, so I wanted to give your hearts fair warning. Hopefully, you’ll recall the dozens of positive Islanders stories I wrote despite their record last season and not hold a grudge against me.


As soon as I have news one way or the other about Point Blank, you will be next to know. I’d really like to continue covering the Islanders, and I’m still hopeful. Thank you.