FORBES — Islanders 27th Most Valuable NHL Team

Via Forbes (sic):

27. New York Islanders
Team value: $155 million
Owner: Charles Wang
Revenue 2011-12: $66 million
Operating income 2011-12: -$16 million

The value of the Islanders increased 4% over last year due to the team moving from the antiquated Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum to the new Barclcays Arena for the 2015 season.

Kevin Schultz

4% seems like a smallish figure (Edit: on second thought, that’s pretty decent for the average business in a given year), but once the Islanders actually move into the Barclays it will be interesting to see how these valuations change (especially the operating income). I imagine the Islanders should be easily turning a profit, but since we don’t know the specifics of the agreement with the Barclays Center, it’s tough to say for sure what that number would be. But keep in mind that somewhat amazingly, after nearly a decade of trying to develop on his own, Charles Wang gave up his grand dreams of development to become a tenant in Brooklyn. We don’t know what the deal is; but be assured that he either got a nice slice of the pie or a sweetheart rental deal for him to move into someone else’s house.