GM DOES ONLY THING HE CAN DOSnow tells Newsday he believes in his players

Excellent work by Katie Strang getting Garth Snow to talk about his winless team. As for the GM, what else is he supposed to say? If he’s ever going to start improving his team, he can’t forecast his moves for the rest of the league. All he said is, “I believe in the players in that room.” He didn’t say, “I believe we’re a playoff team.” Snow is obligated to take the call from Newsday, and that’s all he can say.


On a related issue, we all know the Maple Leafs are bad right now. But can we stop using their misery as consolation for the Islanders? Can we stop using their failure as an excuse for the Islanders? Yes, they signed some free agents and they’re also winless. The Leafs’ disaster has nothing to do with the Islanders’ specific set of circumstances.


In a league where everyone wins, only the Maple Leafs and Islanders have not two weeks in. That’s the only thing the two teams have in common.