I DARE YOU TO BUY THE ISLANDERSHey, big talkers – show us how much you care


Incredible that after all this time there are people who still believe someone else besides Charles Wang could own the Islanders and keep them in Nassau County. Understand this: when it comes to the Islanders on Long Island, I’m fairly certain Wang is the last man standing.


But just to make sure, I’m throwing out a challenge. This blog has a wide enough reach to get the word out. Perhaps Rieber and Baumbach will link to this post and extend it even further. PB readers can certainly spread the word. Here goes.


The Islanders are not for sale, but I don’t care about that. I want to hear from the people who are willing to buy this team and keep it on Long Island. Some issues you may want to consider:


  • My price is $195 million, around what Wang bought the Islanders for in 2000.


  • You must keep the team in Nassau County.


  • You must sign up for merely renovating the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum only. As per Nassau, no new arena. As apparently per the Town of Hempstead, no paving the parking lot and putting up paradise – even if you’re paying for just about all of it.


  • Expect to lose another $20 million or more for the next several years.


  • And please note there’s an NHL-mandated player salary cap floor of around $40 million annually. None of this, “Hey, let’s trade Ziggy and bring the payroll down to $15 million!” stuff.


Let’s go, big talkers – like Bob Gutkowski a decade ago – I want to hear from you. Show us your wallets and show us you care. Email cb@islanderspointblank.com or simply add a Comment to this story. We’re waiting.


Think of all the perks.