ISLANDERS 5, ATLANTA 4They win, they win the damn thing

9:40 pm – This game will be remembered for Bailey-to-Okposo twice, and for Blake Comeau on that second KO goal making the sort of play his coach is preaching: don’t feel you have to beat the other guys one-on-one. Move the puck forward and make a play.


Mostly good stuff from the kids, but it doesn’t cover up the team-wide breakdowns all over the place in the third period.


The Islanders were up 4-0 after one period. This was not a scene where they were playing in front of a jammed and beer-soaked crowd in Buffalo. This was not November 1, when Uniondale became Montreal for one night. There wasn’t any crowd in Atlanta to spur the Thrashers on. When it was still 4-0 after two periods, there was no momentum to be had.


Especially scary were the pair of golden opportunities the Islanders allowed within two minutes of the Thrashers making it 4-3. No excuse.


14-game road losing streak over. Two wins in a row.




Fascinating email I received during the game. It was from a mother of three grown children named Maria who wrote a letter to Kate Murray expressing lack of progress on the Lighthouse Project. Maria made a point of stating in her letter that she was writing purely as a concerned citizen of Long Island.


“I expressed my concerns to her about another major company leaving Long Island and adding more people to the list of unemployed,” said Maria in her email.


How was Maria treated in the response from Murray’s office? Like an Islanders fan. Maria, mother of three writing positively of all the jobs the Lighthouse Project would bring to the Town of Hempstead, got the same patronizing response the Town is sending people they look down at as Islanders fans.


Wrote Maria: “I don’t think the people at the Town of Hempstead office are doing the work they are paid to do.”


I’ve heard some rumblings about a recent high-level meeting between the Town and project developers. This does not necessarily mean anything good came out of it. Until we hear something solid, there remains every reason to be concerned about the future of the Islanders and the Coliseum property.