ISLANDERS' GRAND OPENING TICKET SALENYI, TicketMaster offering up to 40% off for Saturday

6:00 pm: By the time I was forwarded this email by Islanders fans more than 40 times within three hours of the blast, I took the hint. Just two days from their home and season opener, the Islanders are offering up to 40% off tickets for Saturday’s game against Dallas. It says in the email that only the recipient can get the offer by following the instructions and clicking here, inserting this password there – NYIOPENER, just for example. But I’m sure many of you folks, far smarter than me (or is it I?), can figure it out.


The way I see it, the fans emailed it to me for a good cause. I’d like to think the Islanders and TicketMaster won’t mind. No one wants to see the Islanders not sell out their home opener. Thank you for the image, Kevin. Comments. Jaffe video below.