Isles in Europe: Rick DiPietro Has a Groin Injury (UPDATE — We’re Wrong, Maybe?)

Well, we may have messed this one up. DiPietro tells the NY Post he’s ok:

@BrettCyrgalis: DiPietro: “I’m great and really enjoying Garmisch! … I’m feeling good and looking forward to the next game.” #Isles

And LHH on their initial mention:

@LHHockey: Don’t know what Deadspin or Bleacher did, but original German report wasn’t loose: simply said DiPietro “struggling with groin” #isles (1/2)

@LHHockey: (2/2)…which sounds like normal aches for a player, but of course when it’s DiPietro people will run with it. We shared it straight. #isles

We don’t condone anything Bleacher Report says ever. And we also trust LHH possibly more than ourselves.

This is the ground we all tread on when discussing DP. Any story gets jumped on — this blog included — and no one within a degree of the situation plays it completely straight, knowing that most anything will get blown up.


According to this article, translated by a multilingual commenter at LHH, Rick DiPietro was supposed to start over the weekend for SC Riessersee but was held out due to a groin injury.

“Rick DiPietro laboriert seit Donnerstag an Leistenproblemen.”

Which means: “Rick DiPietro has been struggling with groin problems since Thursday.”

DiPietro has only played one game with his lockout team, giving up 3 goals in 59 minutes. He signed with SC Riessersee in early October.