JAY JACOBS COUGHS IT UP, BADLYDem chairman does imbecilic interview on WFAN

In a stunning development, New York State Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs likely cost any momentum by his party’s opposition to the Coliseum arena deal with an embarrassing performance in an interview today with Mike Francesa on WFAN.

Sounding unprepared, uneducated and desperate, Jacobs did the impossible. He turned an interview – with a powerful radio host already on record as being against taxpayer-funded arenas – into a slaughterfest.

With a Giants fan as his inquisitor, Jacobs actually thought it would be a good idea to raise the issue of PSLs and his role as a Giants season ticketholder (facts wrong, bad idea). Jacobs said it takes 18 months to build an arena and also said Charles Wang said it takes just 18 months (wrong and wrong). Jacobs brought up the children’s camps he owned and attempted to make business comparisons to the New York Islanders and the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (oh, brother).

The usually tough Francesa clearly went into these interviews in favor of the Islanders and the deal, of that there can be little debate. But he didn’t have to be tough here. In Wang’s interview, he didn’t say anything new and didn’t have to say anything new. Jacobs was so pathetic, Wang won the bout just by showing up.

Mike Francesa did not kick Jay Jacobs’ ass. Jacobs kicked his own ass.

Now the Democratic Party, which had established some momentum in its opposition to the arena deal and the Aug. 1 referendum, is left rocked by a disgraceful interview over 50,000 watts. (It’s hilarious now that both parties are getting crushed by Wang).

And the Islanders, thanks – of all people – to chairman of the New York State Democratic Committee, have a very good day heading into Wednesday’s rally.