Kirill Kabanov Potentially Loaned To A Swedish Team

Earlier today, Igor Orenko of in Russia had an interview with Kabanov and reported that he may be loaned to a team in Sweden because his team in the QMJHL has reached their quota of two international players. Dmitry Chesnokov of Puck Daddy tweeted the following from the 2010 third round pick.

Kabanov was quoted as saying:

“Everyone [in Russia] kept saying ‘NHL, NHL.’ You get there and will be famous.. As a boy I had an impression [the NHL] was paradise. But when I came here I realized that the made-up image and reality are different things… Perhaps I made a mistake that I didn’t stay [in the KHL] and went [to North America] hoping I’d be the number one pick”

He had 11 goals and 17 assists for Lewiston last season.

Neate Sager has a great breakdown at Buzzing the Net.

Update, 2:30pm: More from @hockeybreak on Twitter:

“Kabanov says he did not say he doesn’t like the NHL. He meant at the time, before the draft, he may have made a mistake going to N.A. He says he is proud to be apart of the NHL, and to not always listen to the media because reporters may change interviews. Kabanov is very upset that a comment he made was taken out of context and this is all a misunderstanding.”