Kichton: “Don’t Believe Everything You Hear”

Kevin Schultz

One of the Islanders’ draft picks from 2011, Brenden Kichton, faces a decision this year of whether to snub the Islanders and re-enter the draft or sign an ELC with the team. Kichton is a fifth year player and captain for Spokane in the WHL and is in the middle of a career year with 85 points in 71 games (and he’s a defenseman).

Over the weekend it was reported that Kichton had rejected the Islanders contract offer and was headed towards the draft.

On Twitter today, Kichton appears to say ‘not so fast’, in a rather cryptic way.

Whether that’s directly aimed at the report of his rejecting a contract isn’t clear. It certainly seems as though that it’s a possibility.