LARRY BROOKS GETS IT RIGHT ON NYISays season cannot be about the Lighthouse Project

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The future Hall of Fame columnist for the Post becomes the first mainstream writer to put in the newspaper what we’ve been saying for months. Forget about the Lighthouse – if a shovel was to hit ground tomorrow, it’s still years away. Stop giving longshot political candidates free advertising on your scoreboard when fans are paying to watch a hockey game.


Invest in skilled hockey players. Stop making excuses. Stop creating self-fulfilling prophecies. Stop selling Joey Mac and Yann as the problem last year. Stop talking about prospects who are either nothing special or 2-3 years from having an impact. Take advantage of the gifts of John Tavares (el foldo ’08-09 + lottery win) and Kyle Okposo (drafted while Neil Smith was GM). Put some players around them. Run a professional hockey team. Okay, Larry might not have said all of that. I am.