Let There Be Brooklyn — Nick Giglia on the Barclays Relocation

Nick Giglia spent two years covering and blogging extensively about the Lighthouse Project, referendum, and more on his blog LetThereBeLighthouse.com. It’s no longer active, but it is an amazing resource for the history of the team’s arena struggles. We thought it was imperative to get Nick’s thoughts on Brooklyn.


The Islanders acknowledged the sad reality of our times and followed me and hundreds of thousands of children out of Nassau and Suffolk. After following this saga for 8 years, since the original Lighthouse proposal was unveiled, I still have trouble remembering that this is real and it really happened. It’s been so hard to just root for the Islanders these past few years because it seemed like everything was tempered by the fear of what would happen when 2015 rolls around.

This is an incredible development for the Islanders, who immediately become a marquee NHL franchise with the promise of resources and a level playing field. As a hockey fan and NYC resident, I’m ecstatic. As a kid from North Bellmore (which I’ll always be), and someone who always pointed out that the promise of the Lighthouse Project went far beyond hockey, it’s bittersweet. Future fans won’t be able to leave school at Kellenberg and walk to a game like I did, and the move stands as a monument to the slow death of Nassau County. Nassau will have to pick up those pieces, and I am disappointed for them, but the politicians made their beds and from a hockey perspective this is just fantastic news. Somebody pinch me!