CAROLINA 7 ISLANDERS 2Burn the tape, destruct the live chat

“Our play away from the puck was horrendous,” said Scott Gordon, and he could have been talking about his forwards, defensemen and goaltender. A total team disaster, an organizational embarassment, leads to the Islanders’ fifth loss in a row in regulation. “We’re leaving too many things to chance,” said the coach, who was upset about his team’s failure to backcheck and the lesson he thought they were taught in Philadelphia. Gordon is done talking about it with his players. The next solution? “We’ll address it by playing time.” Let’s see if he backs up his words Thursday in Ottawa. The bad news: you really do not want to review this Live Chat. The good news: the Islanders’ extraordinary fanbase lives. Readership was in the thousands. I could not keep up. Thank you, and thanks also to Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy.