LOGAN: Duchene…McKENZIE: Hedman…PB: TavaresCatching up after a muddy day at Woods-stock

Good evening, Islanders Country. Just got back from Bethpage Black, Long Island’s muddy celebration of tees and club known as Woods-stock. A few thoughts for the evening after zipping through more than 300 comments.




I was so excited to get home tonight and see that my good friend and mentor Greg Logan has predicted that the Islanders are going to draft Matt Duchene first overall. That takes a lot of pucks. Good for Gregger.


In summation: the Islanders’ only fulltime mainstream beat writer predicts Duchene, Bob McKenzie – the connected King of Canada – has Victor Hedman and Point Blank selects John Tavares as the Islanders’ pick.


If you’re Garth Snow, you’re probably lighting up a cigar, putting your feet up on the desk and saying, “Fooled ’em.” There’s some goodness in that.


On the other hand, other than keeping the mystery alive – woo-hoo! I’d prefer suspenseful playoff games – not much to celebrate. If you’re the Islanders, you’re not getting anything to trade back to 2 or 3. Why would a team give up anything? Tampa Bay – contrary to reports – would like Hedman, but they’re not drooling over him. Colorado is more than happy to have Tavares or Hedman fall to them. Both the Bolts and the Avs are not losing sleep over who the Islanders are picking. Both the Bolts and the Avs could not care less that the Islanders have courted and seem to crush on all three kids.


Whomever the Islanders want, they are selecting him first overall.




At least once a week I write a post that has readers shaking their heads. About once a month, I come back to several Comments that make me wonder how you guys make that leap. Today’s version, brought to you from King Bob of TSN, has Point Blank readers looking waaaaaaay too much into this quote from Texas Hold’em Snow:


Well, when we won the draft lottery (on April 14) I was asked if I knew who we were going to take. I said at the time that I had a pretty good idea but that I wasn’t firmly committed to it until we went through the process of doing our due diligence on all the top guys. Let’s just say the process re-affirmed what I thought back then. We want the same guy now that we wanted back then.


I have no idea why, but many of you read this as evidence the Islanders have always planned on drafting Tavares and there’s no way they’re taking Duchene. Why isn’t it possible Duchene has been the object of their affection all along? It’s actually quite possible.


All Garth did with this quote was set the foundation for his remarks a week from tonight. After he drafts Duchene, Hedman or Tavares, he’ll be able to say this is the kid he’s wanted since lottery night.




My vote has not changed from yesterday or from the last month. I still have the Islanders taking John Tavares.