"A WONDERFUL MOMENT. IT SETS A NEW TONE."Cooperation, optimism all the talk after LP meeting

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1:10 pm – Today’s Lighthouse meeting started at 11:05 am and ended a little bit after noon. When it was over, the four principals did everything except hold hands. Well, actually, Charles Wang and Kate Murray did hold hands while a beaming union official triumphantly yelled, “I want a copy of that picture”!


Tom Suozzi, with Murray seated to his right and Wang and Scott Rechler to his left, described the showdown as “a very productive meeting.” The Nassau County Executive said, “We have turned the page. There is a new spirit of cooperation and collaboration.” He outlined three decisions agreed to by the four leaders at the meeting.


1. The Town of Hempstead has committed to holding a hearing on the completeness of the project’s environmental impact statement on July 7. This July 7.


2. Suozzi adamantly declared, “This project is no longer just in the hands of the Town of Hempstead.” It seems pretty clear that Murray was sick and tired of her Town being the poster child for the lack of movement on the Lighthouse Project. Suozzi went out of his way to list all of the other parties involved, including the State, the County and the developers. The message was clear: everyone needs to stop making this all about Murray.


3. Murray, Suozzi, Wang and Rechler agreed to a rough schedule of responsibilities, a document that will be made public within ten days. Said Suozzi: “Everyone will work together to make sure everything is being done in a timely maner.”


Kate Murray said the meeting was “great” and “we’re going to work cooperatively.”


Wang called it “a wonderful moment” and said it “sets a new tone. We’re not looking back, we’re looking forward.” He offered the potential for compromise by reiterating his stance for months regarding the Town: “If you say no, tell me what it is you don’t like and then I’ll tell you yes or no.”


Asked about his October 3 deadline, the Islanders owner said, “I want to have certainty by the start of the hockey season. If there is no certainty, we will explore other options. It doesn’t mean we are leaving immediately. This is our home. We don’t want to leave home.”