Lubomir Visnovsky Crashes Ferrari on Slovakian Race Track, No “Serious Injuries”

Kevin Schultz

Lubomir Visnovsky is having one eventful summer. In June, he was traded to the Islanders on draft day and later filed a grievance with the league saying that it violated his no-trade clause (arbitration hearing is still pending). Now, he’s crashed his Ferrari on a race track in Slovakia.

From via Google Translate:

Informed by the representatives of the circle through his official profile on Facebook. “Lubomir Visnovsky on his Ferrari at the exit of turn two mishandled management and high-speed frontal impact into a barrier. Luckily escaped without serious injuries,” the report said.

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Here’s the link to where the story originated, on the race track’s Facebook page.

According to Matias Strozyk, Visnovsky had permission from the Islanders to race (via Puck Daddy):