Lubomir Visnovsky Has Filed a Grievance Over His Trade To The Islanders (Google Translate Not Needed)

In subsequent tweets, Staple adds

  • “Ducks will oppose in arbitration, no date set. If Visnovsky wins, he’s Ducks property again: if ANA wins, trade to Isles stands.”
  • “Visnovsky had NTC on deal with EDM and did not invoke when dealt to Ducks in ’10. He may be too late to invoke now. Arbitrator will decide.”
  • “No official comment yet from Isles, but they aren’t happy. Another NHL vet who doesn’t want to be on LI, it appears.”

Update: 5:55PM: The grievance was filed by the NHLPA on June 30th.

Kevin Schultz: After the draft in June we discussed an interview Visnovsky gave in Europethat seemed to strongly indicate that he was weighing his options. That was shot down by Visnovsky providing a ‘good PR’ interview in English shortly after to douse the flames, but obviously that didn’t reflect his true desires.

This is a highly unusual move to take the trade to arbitration but it may be his only move, as he does have to honor the last year of his NHL contract before making any jumps to another league or NHL team. The NHL and KHL don’t have a formal transfer agreement but have a sort-of gentleman’s agreement to “work together” on transfers.