LUKE SELLARS, PARRISH AND OTHER SILLI STORIESBelieve me, I wish I had better stuff to deliver

While we await the news of any NHL-level training camp invites by the Islanders, I can forward an email from Ottawa today that defenseman/fighter and former Thrash prospect Luke Sellers has been invited to Bridgeport training camp. No confirmation whether he has accepted.


Luke – big PIMs in junior and the AHL – has bounced around Europe the last few years. He would have to come to Sound Tigers camp for the opportunity to answer some questions about his character. There was a time when the former Atlanta second round pick was thought to have stones and ability. He also could be a good opponent for the Wrecker if the two squads ever meet. (Yup, a blog entry about a never-been maybe going to an AHL camp. Got it).


While I await the fulfillment of more interview requests – my Biron and Okposo Q & As became part of a weekly series instead of the daily I hoped for – here’s a story I told Puck Daddy for his tribute to Mike Sillinger.


While we await the news of some former Islander being invited to training camp, here’s a reminder that I predicted Mark Parrish a while ago. Let me reiterate that I really like Mark, but I don’t see the point in having him, Miro Satan, Chow, Ken Belanger, Ari Haanpaa or anyone else back. If the Islanders want to stick to this slow rebuild, they should go for it.


Wish I had more to report. Hopefully others do.