REPORT — Mark Streit Has Been Playing Hurt, Looking for $10 Million in New Contract

Kevin Schultz

This morning a Swiss news outlet is reporting that Mark Streit has been playing hurt, injuring his knee in November while playing for the Swiss national team., the same folks who had the interview with Nino Niederreiter’s agent, caught up with Streit after last night’s game in Montreal. Via the good ol’ Google Translate machine:

“But after the big win against the Canadiens (4:3 aet) he is missing. It takes almost 20 minutes until he emerges from one of the cabins-side rooms. He wears the right fibula and left knee ice pack. And told 20 minutes online for the first time, what torments him.

It is a chronic injury on his left knee, which he contracted in November during his national team assignment on operetta tournament in Arosa in the match against Belarus. And held by the New York Islanders secret.”

The article went on to say that Streit wouldn’t play for the Swiss national team at the World Championships, regardless of whether or not the Islanders make the playoffs.

“I always enjoy playing for Switzerland,” Streit told, “but a World Cup only makes sense if I’m in a similar physical condition.”

The story also quoted Streit saying that he is looking for a three year, $10 million deal with the Islanders. Streit mentioned that he would be interested in a fourth year. A four-year deal would expire when he is 39.