LIVE BLOG: Hempstead Town Hall meetingScope approved; Developers deliver D.G.E.I.S.

1:10 pm – At the conclusion of today’s hearing, the D.G.E.I.S. (Draft Generic Environmental Impact Study) was delivered by the Lighthouse developers. I’m told the document is 1,800 pages.


Traditionally, after a scope is accepted – as it was today by the TOH board – developers take months before delivering a D.G.E.I.S. Charles Wang and Scott Rechler’s group produced it immediately.


Today’s hearing was a positive step, a good day for the developers and the Town. Plenty of bouquets were passed back and forth.


Will it lead to groundbreaking this summer? No way to know right now. But the immediate delivery of the D.G.E.I.S. means this: it’s back to you, Town of Hempstead leaders.




12:20 pm – So far, citizen speakers, including impassioned blogger/PB comment-ator Nick Classic, have addressed the Town Board. All have been pro-Lighthouse Project.




12:00 pm – Charles Wang just completed a brief but energetic stint at the mic. He thanked Kate Murray for fast-tracking the environmental studies.


He did add that if the Lighthouse Project had been approved when he first pushed for it years ago, thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of much-needed tax revenue would already be in place.


Wang said, “This is not adversarial” and that his staff will do everything in their power to work with the Town in a timely and cooperative manner.


Scott Rechler urged the Town board to act “with a sense of urgency” in these economic times. He cited Congress trying to push through “in two months what would normally take 20 years.”


The Town’s response has been that they agree with the need for urgency “but we need to make sure this is done the right way.”


Rechler: “When you see our studies, I think you’ll be pleased with the level of detail and attention we put into them.” Rechler said his development group has spent more than 10 million dollars on those studies.”




11:15 am – The Town of Hempstead meeting started 30 minutes ago, but they have not addressed the Lighthouse yet. I’m in the crowded Hall and on Blackberry. Here’s all you need to know so far:


Charles Wang is here. Scott Rechler is here. Kate Murray, Hempstead Town Supervisor, is not. I’m told she is on vacation.



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