THE NYI ON K.O. BEING A NO-GOTrevor Smith to Bport…Everyone's Favorite Drink

UPDATED 7:25 pm: Kyle Okposo didn’t get named to the rookie team of the Young Stars Game. I would have thought Okposo’s ability and story would have been a nice one for the NHL to showcase over All-Star Weekend, but the league did not agree. They can’t take everyone. Maybe he will make it as a soph.


In response to a request for the team’s reaction, the Islanders provided this statement to Point Blank: “We are disappointed that Kyle wasn’t selected for the Young Stars Game,” said general manager Garth Snow. “We have really seen signs this year of the bright future he has.”




Trevor Smith and Yann Danis returned to Bridgeport. Perhaps Frans Nielsen could return next week. The Islanders don’t play until Tuesday and Smith could use the time in the AHL and the Sound Tigers could use him.


Any chance we can retire the expression “drink the Kool-Aid”? As in when you don’t agree with something I write, I’m serving the Kool-Aid and all the fans who disagree with you are guzzling it? Cliche got old more than a decade ago. Also seems like something people say when they don’t have a better argument.