Wow. A mind-blowing take from Newsday on Monday’s hearing. From writer Sandra Peddie:


Although most of the questioning was polite, the developers – New York Islanders owner Charles Wang and developer Scott Rechler – appeared frustrated and at times ill-prepared for the questions about traffic, height of buildings and whether the developers would sell off parts of the project. Town board members repeatedly asked for specific commitments, but the developers declined to make them.


A few things that are kind of odd about Ms. Peddie’s view. The Lighthouse developers may have shook their heads a few times and articulated some frustration, but “ill-prepared”? I think part of their frustration was because many of the questions they were asked were answered a long time ago. Others are addressed thoroughly in the lengthy Environmental Impact Statement they poured man-hours and countless dollars into.


Town council member Dorothy Goosby is the only leader on the panel who said she read it. On the other hand, board member James Darcy candidly told attendees after the hearing that the EIS was “7,000 pages” and “too long.”


The other surprising part is that Ms. Peddie was one of three Newsday reporters who spoke with Charles Wang during the dinner break of the hearing. I was there the entire time. I heard a lot of leading questions, like, “Wasn’t it frustrating for you when they said…”? I even heard some compliments thrown Wang’s way. I didn’t hear any of the Newsday reporters tell Wang that he seemed ill-prepared. Too bad. He might have been able to address the accusation.