NEWSDAY: Wang Source – Project Not AbandonedMy take: the LDC could not have played this worse

Chris Botta on Twitter

12:50 am – Newsday writes that according to a source close to Charles Wang – “not the developer himself” – the Lighthouse Project has not been abandoned.


Assuming the source is reliable, it took the Lighthouse Development Corp. more than six hours to respond to a report that they were closing up shop. Even when they did respond, it was via a source who would only confirm the project has not been abandoned. Like all reporters trying to get the story right, Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi also claimed he could not get Wang or any of his representatives on the phone to clarify the situation.


By their actions, the Lighthouse Development Corp. gives the impression that they liked having the story out there. Whether that’s true or not, I give the LDC and the New York Islanders a big thumbs down for how they have handled this so far.


Lighthouse executives readily available when they have had agendas to push disappeared. Islanders fans were left twisting in the wind all night, and still do not have solid answers. That’s not how you treat your fan base, especially when it has been so supportive of every real estate move for a decade while the hockey team wins nothing.


Nevertheless, while Wang and his executives stayed silent as Islanders Country freaked out waiting for answers, many fans continued to profess their undying loyalty to the Islanders owner and the project. Many fans appear to be cranked up again – ready to call the Town of Hempstead, ready to make up the more than 40,000 votes Kristen McElroy will need to defeat Kate Murray on Election Day. (Good luck).


You’ll have to forgive me. For the way the LDC chose to go dark with the residents and fans through the media – in the case of this site, a place that has been a proponent in over 100 articles over the last year – I’m just not feeling it right now.