OKPOSO OUT 4-6 WEEKS (FROM TODAY)1:50 pm – Team identifies injury as “sprained wrist”

UPDATED 1:50 pm – Last Wednesday, Scott Gordon thought Kyle Okposo might be ready to play in 2-3 days. Now, Okposo – who had what the team termed a “hand injury” – is out 4-6 weeks with a sprained wrist.


To clarify, the clock on the 4-6 weeks starts ticking today, not from when Okposo was first injured.


“We wanted to build for all of our young players for next year,” said Scott Gordon, “and now for this to happen to Fransy (Nielsen) and Kyle, it’s really a shame. That’s lost time you can’t get at a young age.”


Looking for a positive, the coach added, “When they get back, they should be hungry and have lots of energy.”


Greg Logan asked Gordon if, with the loss of Nielsen and Okposo, the franchise would consider looks at a prospect or two in Bridgeport. Gordon said those are conversations he would have with general manager Garth Snow first before talking to the media.


(Hey, at least Go-Go didn’t say, “No frickin’ way, Logie”!)


Either way, big setback for Kyle, a talented kid making strides. Moderate setback to the rebuild. Assuming the team continues to be hesitant to recall Blake Comeau or Trevor Smith from Bridgeport, the Islanders are not getting younger.


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