POSTCARD #2 FROM MONTREAL – Mark StreitPost-SuperSkills; Plus: send All-Star Qs to Mark here


Sunday, 12:20 am: A second postcard from Islanders all-star defenseman Mark Streit


“For starters – yes, I am okay. I was not hurt when I fell. Not even a little bit. I did not have to go to the hospital for X-rays. Sounds like a bad rumor. Thank you to everyone for their concern, but I’m okay.


“Today was about soaking up the experience. I got two of my All-Star jerseys and I brought them around to all the players to sign. One I’m going to auction off in the summer for a charity I’m close to back home in Switzerland. The other I’m going to keep for myself so I can always remember this weekend. We took the team photo today, so hopefully I’ll get plenty of copies of that.


“The ovation I received from the Montreal fans was really great. It tells me there are no hard feelings and they appreciated my time with the Canadiens. I know some people wondered what the reaction would be, but the fans were amazing. It’s kind of funny how they still boo Kaberle from Toronto and they boo the Boston guys, but I thank them for being so kind to me. The entire city and the NHL should be proud. All of the events, the major ones and the stuff behind the scenes, have been first-class.


“It’s been sweet getting to know the players. You know, I came here on Thursday and really didn’t know anyone. The guys that I do know, the all-stars on the Canadiens, obviously they are not staying at the team hotel. But everyone has made me feel comfortable, part of the team, like I belong here.


“I spoke with Sidney Crosby today for the first time. What a nice guy off the ice. I got to know Thomas Vanek from the Sabres. He’s Austrian so we spoke German to each other. That was very cool. The weekend so far has already become one of the highlights of my career.


“Sunday is the big game. It will be an easy day because there is nothing else on the schedule – no morning skate, no meetings, no media availability or photo shoots. I’m looking forward to sleeping in and then having a very late breakfast with my mother and father. I’m sure the game is going to be a thrill.


“If you have a question about the All-Star Weekend that you’d like to ask me, put it on Chris’ blog. He’ll run the top 10 questions by me when we catch up late after the game. Talk to you then.”