PRE-GAME SPECIAL: TOP 10 PROSPECTSNOT with the big club or in Bridgeport

(Corey Trivino, No. 3)
(Corey Trivino, No. 3)

Before we unveil our list of the Islanders’ top prospects not currently with the big club or playing in Bridgeport, a few notes:


 – The list was compiled with our knowledge of the prospects combined with the views of three NHL amateur scouts.


 – The key word is here “upside.” It is very possible some lower-ranked players could make the NHL while some of the more highly-ranked never get here. This list is of the players with the most potential.


 – No, we did not forget anyone (Blake Kessel, Jason Gregoire, David Toews, Jyri Niemi, Justin DiBenedetto). There is still plenty of time to move up the chart for our next ranking.


 – That said, based on need and timing – and ability, naturally – it’s possible the Islanders could sign a player or two not on this list before they sign a player on it.


Here goes.



10. LW DAVID ULLSTROM, 19 years old


Drafted: 4th round, 2008


Now Playing: Boras HC, Swedish Elite League


NHL Upside: Second or third-line forward with high-end skill and speed


Scout: “A real sleeper. Great value in the fourth round.”



9. G STEFAN RIDDERWALL, 20 years old


Drafted: 6th round, 2006


Now Playing: Djurgardens, Swedish Elite League


NHL Upside: No. 2 goalie with an outside chance of pushing for No. 1


Scout: “If he wants to be in the NHL, he should come over in a year or two and start in the American League. Definitely has the talent.”



8. LW MATT MARTIN, 19 years old


Drafted: 5th round, 2008


Now Playing: Sarnia, Ontario Hockey League


NHL Upside: Leadership, character, toughness


Scout: “Keeps on getting better. Probably not much more than a third-line player, maybe fourth line, but I think he’s a winner. Every team wants a kid like this.”



7. D MARK KATIC, 19 years old


Drafted: 3rd round, 2007


Now Playing: Sarnia, Ontario Hockey League


NHL Upside: No. 3-4 defenseman


Scout: “Still has to show more. The skills are there. I think the Islanders will sign him and I think he’ll play, but he has to show more consistency to make it as a top-4.” 



6. D TRAVIS HAMONIC, 18 years old


Drafted: 2nd round, 2008


Now Playing: Moose Jaw, Western Hockey League


NHL Upside: No. 2-3 shutdown defenseman


Scout: “Solid. Could he be special? I don’t know. Just a real good stay-at-home defenseman who should have a long career.”



5. RW RHETT RAKHSHANI, 20 years old


Drafted: 4th round, 2006


Now Playing: University of Denver


NHL Upside: competitive and skilled second-line right wing


Scout: “Skating is not great, but makes up for it with playmaking ability and work ethic.”





4. LW ROBIN FIGREN, 20 years old


Drafted: 3rd round, 2006


Now Playing: Djurgardens, Swedish Elite League


NHL Upside: same as Rakhshani, but on the left side


Scout: “Should be an excellent fit in Scott Gordon’s system when he returns from Sweden. A very good all-around player with intangibles.”



3. C COREY TRIVINO, 18 years old


Drafted: 2nd round, 2008


Now Playing: Boston University


NHL Upside: same as Figren and Rakhshani, but down the middle and with blazing speed


Scout: “Kid can fly. If he can put it all together…”



2. D AARON NESS, 18 years old


Drafted: 2nd round, 2008


Now Playing: University of Minnesota


NHL Upside: No. 2, Rafalski-like defenseman


Scout: “Only went in the second round because of size (5-10, 160). The Islanders may have lucked into this one.”




1. RW KIRILL PETROV, 18 years old


Drafted: 3rd round, 2008


Now Playing: Kazan Ak Bars, Kontinental Hockey League


NHL Upside: First-line wing


Scout: “The ultimate wild card. Don’t know when he’ll come over. Probably won’t be for another year or two at the earliest. But for a team with all those early round picks, the Islanders were smart to grab him. Too much skill to ignore.”