READ — The Latest on the Lockout

Kevin Schultz

Bruce Arthur at the National Post has a great synopsis on what’s happening in lockout negotiations the last few days, including the owners throwing around insane phrases like “suicide bomber” (reportedly, to Adrian Dater) and “this is the hill we die on” (explicitly, in front of a podium). So it’s now at the point where this insane and frankly disgusting terminology is being used to describe glorified board meetings. It’s safe to say that talks aren’t in a good place right now. But if you’re interested in what’s going on, please give it a read. I’m going to go throw up.

“One player told Adrian Dater of The Denver Post that Fehr encouraged players not to take the deal offered during owner-player meetings Wednesday night, saying they could get more; if so, then Fehr was basically doing the job the players hired him to do. Clearly both sides are to blame for the breakdown of the process, but only one of them is trying to do anything other than win on what are clearly their own terms. The NHL talks about giving, but the league isn’t the one that’s going to be relatively poorer to start the next CBA.”