REPORT — Visnovsky to Fly to Long Island Wednesday

Kevin Schultz

A report from Sport.Sk — the same news outlet who brought us Visnovsky’s Ferrari crash — has posted an interview with Visnovsky that states, in plain Google translated english, that Visnovsky is planning to fly to the States earlier than expected on Wednesday, February 6th.

Lubo, when are you planning to departure overseas?
“On Wednesday morning, I’ve prepared a ticket, so it’s a definite term Wednesday when I go overseas.”

The interviewer goes on to ask why Visnovsky isn’t staying, as his son was scheduled to have surgery later than the 6th. It appears that Visnovsky says the surgery is on February 9th and his wife and doctors agreed that he did not need to be there for it.

Visnovsky goes on to express disappointment in leaving HC Slovan due to the atmosphere of home games and their chase for a playoff spot. But he also says that he is excited about the Islanders’ hot start and the possibility of playing in the NHL playoffs.