REPORT — Visnovsky’s Son is Awaiting ‘Minor Surgery’

It’s been about a week since we’ve had any news about Lubomir Visnovsky. That’s about a week too long, given the almost daily twists and turns that were going on for a few weeks. This morning, Slovak outlet is reporting that Visnovsky’s son is due to have minor surgery on February 9th and the defender will head to North America after that is completed. The most important points, translated:

“It’s closed, the only question is, when he flew to New York. Islanders understand my family problems and so to me, when there arrived in agreement,” said Visnovsky, told Sport.

…His son is 9th February awaiting minor surgery…

…all parties are willing to forget the conflict and meet their obligations…”

So it seems like Visnovsky will be on Long Island in early/mid February after taking care of his son.