SAN JOSE 4, ISLANDERS 1Post-Game Plus/Minus by Kevin Schultz

by Kevin Schultz


10:45 pm – Joel Rechlicz, after playing a little over a minute tonight and about six minutes over three games, has been returned to Bridgeport. The Islanders do not play again until Wednesday. Last time the Islanders did this, they brought him back the day of the next game. Rechlicz is on a two-way contract.




9:50 pm: Well, the better team won tonight. There’s no doubt about that. The Islanders played well but they were, in fact, outplayed. The following are my final plus/minus for the night.


Minus: 1:08 of ice time for Wrecker is a joke. That’s not helping him or the team.


Minus: MSG Phas a poll asking viewers who will be Islanders’ MVP this season. John Tavares, nowhere to be found. Um, really?


Plus: A solid effort from the troops. They were simply outplayed by a better team.

Minus: Would have liked to see them take advantage of a sluggish start by the Sharks more.


Neither here nor there: Announced attendance was 11,287. Kinda upsetting for a Saturday night against one of the league’s best. Then again, the Yankees are in the playoffs and the Islanders are winless.




8:50 pm: Well, that was a quick and decisive turnaround for the Sharks. Two nice plays by the Sharks, one missed offsides — funny how the TV commentators up in the booth saw it — and Martinek catching an edge result in two goals for San Jose. Doug Weight rung a nice shot off the post at the end of the period but close doesn’t count so the Isles head to the third trailing by one. Thornton and Marleau made nice plays and I’m trying not to be a homer, but I think those were two bad breaks for the Isles.



7:45 pm: Hello, folks. It’s been a while but I’m back to fill in for CB as he’s in New jersey for NHL FanHouse – where we work together. I’ll be chiming in during the intermissions and after the game with my thoughts. In the meantime please feel free to let me have it/agree with me in the comments.

Plus: The Islanders came to play tonight and were the better team in the first.

Minus: The Sharks have not arrived as of this moment.


Plus: Sean Bergenheim is never short on energy or effort.

Minus: Didn’t have the luck of the draw to be paired with Mr. #1 but ya gotta get on the scoresheet someday, kid.


Plus: Kyle Okposo.

Plus: The Islanders have the makings of a legit first line.

Minus: The Islanders don’t have anything else too exciting.


Minus: Please, let’s stop with the “Fire Gordon” stuff. The addition of John Tavares should not make the coach’s future the “playoff-or-else” kind. The failure of this team is not a complete indictment of his system, philosophies or abilities (and if it is, remember we’re only 5 1/3 games in). Furthermore, who is out there that will do better?


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