SNOW: "We're going to get a great player"Refuses to show hand, will meet with scouts

9:20 pm – Garth Snow just completed a conference call with the media. Summing up:


  • “It put a huge smile on my face. A great day for our franchise, a great day for our fans. It’s going to be a great day in June.”


  • “We’re going to get a great player for this team. We have meetings coming up this week, and in May and June. We’ll go through our process diligently and thoroughly.”


  • Asked which player he was going to draft, Snow said, “No comment.”


  • Asked if he had one of Tavares or Hedman ranked over another, Snow said, “Yeah, and I’m not going to share it.”


  • Snow never used the word “trade.”


  • Asked about the potential meaning of Tavares to ticket sales, he said, “The mandate from Mr. Wang has been to bring the Stanley Cup to Long Island and to become a consistent contender.”


  • Asked for a response to Brian Burke’s bold pronouncement of making a move for the No. 1 pick, Snow said that’s not the way he or the organization does things.


  • “Kenny Morrow said it best: we don’t want to be in this position next year. There’s a lot of good things happening with this organization. It’s an exciting time to be an Islanders fan, and an Islander.”


  • Snow sent his good luck charms to the lottery: dynasty member and current scout Ken Morrow, and Joanne Holewa – the GM’s assistant going back to Bill Torrey.



I’ll be on 1050 ESPN Radio tonight at around 10:40 pm with Bill Daughtry to talk about the lottery win. If it happens, I’ll link it here. Comments.