SNY POINT BLANK TV: WAYNE WINKLegislature (D) on the Coliseum and NYI's future

The Democrat from District 11, a real estate litigator, on how the vote will turn out at the next Legislature meeting on Tuesday, May 31; what should become of the property around the arena; did the Dems hide after Suozzi lost the election and Kate Murray killed the Lighthouse; his view of whether Charles Wang’s RFP victory in 2006 still holds today; NIFA’s hold over everything; and whether he drinks beer with Republican presiding officer Peter Schmitt. If you want to know what’s in store for the Coliseum property battle and the future of your Islanders, watch this. Next up on SNY PB TV: Islanders Senior VP and Renaissance Properties (Wang’s real estate group) President Michael Picker. Comments on Wayne Wink’s views are invited.