THE CO-KINGS OF QUEENS? As Thursday's meeting nears, Queens makes another push for the NYI

The Lighthouse public outreach is just three days away. Even Ellis Hennican thinks Kate Murray’s conflict of interest excuse is baloney. And with each week, Queens becomes a more realistic, attractive option. Did you know there is a Charles B. Wang Community Health Center in Flushing? Did you know Wang’s family moved to Queens when he was 8 years old? And, as we were often reminded when we worked for the Islanders, Queens is part of Long Island, which is part of New York.


It all fits together nicely, don’t you think? If I did PR for those Queens politicans and Chamber of Commerce folks, I’d recommend they show up at the Marriott on Thursday and let everyone know in a big way the Islanders are welcomed there. I bet Queens could have a state-of-the-art arena, equipped with a generous lease, done in 2-3 years.


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