THE CONVERSATION CONTINUES…Last summer's Open Houses; Weight update

Doug Weight out 6 weeks with MCL sprain.




Looks like we will continue this conversation on the rebuild into the night. While I commented twice in the rebuild thread, I figured I’d move this one up to the top in case you don’t read those.


To the fans looking for someone to pay or at least explain themselves for this 30th-place season, when it comes to ownership/management, remember something. The Islanders hosted monthly Open Houses from last May – September where they told anyone who’d listen exactly what they were going to do. I was still working there for the first one. (Okay, so was Ted Nolan).


The Islanders said they were going to build around the draft and develop players. They said they would augment with free agents (they signed Streit and Weight), but were not going to patch holes when times got rough – injuries, poor play. Their one mistake was showing a video at early open houses of the top draft prospects available, giving die-hard fans the impression they were delighted to be locked in at 5. I know I fell for it (I like Josh Bailey, but I’m still not sold on the move).


The entire enterprise was so uniquely up-front and direct, anyone watching Teddy’s body language at the first one – and then noticed he wasn’t there for a few – wasn’t shocked when he didn’t return for a third season.


While I’m sure they didn’t plan on all the injuries and being in the mix for the first draft pick, it is completely fair to kill the Islanders all you want for this season. Cripes, they have won 6 of their last 34 games; I don’t think even the Islanders Ice Girls will argue against you.


Some of the Open House footage may still be archived on Islanders TV if you weren’t there. You can’t say the Islanders didn’t come out and tell you exactly what they were going to do. We will get a better indication on March 4, at the June draft and again the first week of July, but so far you can’t say the Islanders have strayed from their publicly-stated plan.


Can we do another 100? Comments. Thanks to islesblogger for the photo.