THE DAY AFTER NOTEBOOK: WFAN Guest Spot,Plus: Roster talk, Mangano's RFP, Bettman, Comeau

What’s Next for the Islanders?: On WFAN today at noon with Marc Malusis, I said a lot more than I could ever type, so please give the guest spot a listen when you get a chance. We touch on Charles Wang’s state of mind, Ed Mangano’s “great day,” what went wrong, what could go right and why this week is a perfect time for other communities to contact Mike Picker about the Islanders. Go here and click on the interview. Thanks.

A Little Bit About Islanders Hockey: On a far less important subject, the Islanders’ efforts to add a second-pair defenseman via trade continued after acquiring Brian Rolston from the Devils last week for Trent Hunter. Garth Snow was not finished to upgrading his roster and adding more veteran talent to mesh with his young core, possibly at forward as well.

Whether the general manager’s approach will be dramatically altered in the wake of today’s arena setback remains to be seen. After yesterday’s rejection by the residents of Nassau, it certainly would not surprise anyone if the Islanders finish signing their own RFAs, tinker by adding a second-tier UFA and a few tryouts and call it a day. If that’s the case, it is why I was surprised the Islanders – a team that understandably has to watch every dollar it spends – decided to spend $3 million to acquire the 38-year-old Rolston instead of aiming higher for a younger and more skilled player. For all of James Wisniewski’s faults in his brief stay here, I would have expected a similar type of acquisition to reach the salary cap floor.

The move to acquire Rolston – without question, a solid player and exceptional person – is an especially good one, however, if it’s not the only one, if Snow steps up his efforts to improve the team. Fact is, the Islanders are playing in Nassau for at least four more years. The team has tickets to sell, games to win, several outstanding young players to develop…and at least one last stand to make with the politicians and community in Nassau. It’s never a deal-maker or breaker, but a first-rate, exciting hockey club only enhances the team’s negotiating position in Nassau, Queens, Brooklyn or Glocca Morra.

Comeau Still Unsigned: Blake Comeau has an arbitration hearing scheduled Thursday, if his agent and the Islanders cannot reach terms on a new contract for the restricted free agent. After what the organization endured on Monday, I would not recommend that Blake have the hockey operations staff go through an arbitration hearing.

Mangano Back to Work: The County Executive held a press conference at 2:00 pm today to announce that Nassau is accepting “all proposals for a privately funded hub development plan.” It’s just more politics.

Bettman Reacts: NHL commissioner Gary Bettman had this to say about yesterday’s setback in a statement sent to Point Blank: “We will continue to work closely with the Islanders to explore whatever options still may be available in light of what obviously is not a positive department. Our goal is for the team to remain on Long Island and we still hope that objective can be realized.”

Stay Cool: August is traditionally a quiet month on Point Blank, admittedly as much for personal reasons as there is for the dearth of hockey news. The same holds true for this month, as I need some time to take care of personal matters. I’ll do my best to stay on top of the news and share my opinions, but wanted to give you a heads-up. Thank you. I also look forward to seeing many of you at games at the old barn on Hempstead Turnpike in just over two months.

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