THE MORNING SKATE: A (Not Very) Investigative Report on Capuano's Tie (UPDATED)

As first pointed out by robb_hock, Jack Capuano has been wearing the same tie as far back as Tuesday night’s game in Buffalo, possibly further back. Is this tie A reason for the Islanders current hot streak or is it THE reason for the hot streak? Science may never know the answer.

The following pictures were captured from my non-HDTV over the past two nights. On the left, Friday night’s game in Chicago. On the right, Saturday night in Dallas. While the colors may appear different, I can assure you that is only due to my crappy television. On the screen, they look the same.

Capuano has been wearing this tie since at least Tuesday in Buffalo, if not earlier. The reasons for this are currently unknown. There are many questions. Does the equipment staff not do laundry on road trips? Does the tie bite when one tries to take it off? Does it have a magical ability to make hockey players in its direct vicinity score lots of goals (it appears so)? These are questions we need answered.

UPDATE, 4:45pm: Thanks to intrepid reporting from Rob, we can now place the tie at the Prudential Center for the Devils game on November 26th. THE TIE WAS THE BIRTH OF THE TURN AROUND.

What the heck did we do before the internet? It sure wasn’t “find all the interesting stories for the day on Twitter.” Here’s another gem from the Instant Reaction Cloud known as Twitter.

What you’re looking at is a Micheal Haley Christmas ornament. It’s full of grit and determination but can only be displayed on your tree for six minutes per day. It also may or may not protect all the really nice ornaments on your tree from squirrels and raccoons.

One last point before I close the book on Fistric’s hit from last night (at least until a suspension decision is made). A lot of people on Twitter and blogs have been trying to excuse Fistric from leaving his feet on the hit because of some variation of the phrase “he left his feet after making contact” or “he was in the air because of the collision.” I’m not sure why some folks are trying to excuse Fistric for not having control of his own body. If he leaves his feet at any point, that responsibility rests on the player and he cannot be excused of it — unless, of course, he gets undercut by another player or the like but then it is obviously not due to his own actions. Regardless of how fast the speed of play is or how quickly decisions are made, players and responsible for their bodies as much as you or I.

There is a way to hit another player without leaving your feet. Mark Fistric did not choose such a way. Regardless as to whether or not it was before or after he made contact with Niederreiter does not excuse him one bit for being responsible for what his body is doing.