THE MORNING SKATE — News and Notes While We Wait for Lockout Sanity

Kevin Schultz

Or is asking for them to be sane asking too much?
The NHL and NHLPA have brought back in government mediators and met separately with the mediators yesterday. More of that is expected today… I’m not holding my breath.

Would amnesty be used on Slick Rick?
When it comes to RDP and the Islanders, you never know just how things will work out. While buying him out seems like the obvious choice, well, you just never know. Lighthouse examined the whole situation pretty thoroughly the other day, and had two interesting sticking points that could muddle the relatively easy decision:

It does cause some problems for the Islanders to amnesty DiPietro, however. It would definitely make it harder for the cash-strapped club to make the salary cap floor. $4.5 million is a lot to make up for a club who needed to ride Brian Rolston’s undeserved $5 million contract last season for cap purposes.

There also comes into question ownership’s loyalty to DiPietro. It’s possible we could see the end of DiPietro’s contract, but not the end of the lifelong Islanders’ association with the club, as DiPietro could always re-sign for less money and years.

You Can’t Keep JT91, Damnit

Mysterious Figures Mysteriously Ranking Prospects
In Elliotte Friedman’s 30 Thoughts column this week, he took a poll of two executives who ‘have great AHL eyes’ and asked them which players they liked. Nino Niederreiter came up on both exec’s lists and Brock Nelson made one list. Take it for what it’s worth, but Nino’s top 10 point total is turning some heads.

ALSO: Stefan Persson is being honored in his hometown