THE MORNING SKATE — NHLPA Votes, Then We Can Have Hockey

Kevin Schultz

In the next few days, things are going to start moving very quickly. The NHLPA is currently voting on the new CBA, with that culminating at 8am on Saturday morning. The vote is electronic, so we should know the results fairly quickly and will hopefully, finally, make all of this official. The CBA requires approval by the owners and players before teams can start operating as usual, which is why this week has been exciting but still a bit of a wait while everything is in limbo. The owners approved earlier in the week, while the players are currently voting.

Training camps are tentatively set for Sunday, which could make for some very tired Sound Tigers. It really depends on how this all shakes out and what the rules are regarding bringing AHL players up for camp. The Sound Tigers play a triple threat this weekend; Friday night in Providence, Saturday night in Bridgeport, and late Sunday afternoon in Atlantic City. That means that the team may have to choose between whether to send players to camp or the game Sunday. It could also be a long week for any players who end up getting a call up on Monday.

I wrote more than enough on the schedule yesterday, so here’s one last note before I stop beating the dead horse. The Islanders will have an afternoon matinee on the 21st, Martin Luther King Day (confirmed by Newsday), as is sort of a tradition. They have had a home date on MLK Day dating back to 2007. I’ve been told that the Islanders opponent is expected to be Tampa Bay.

In what should be the first of many stories on new Islander winger Brad Boyes, my old blogging friend Sean Leahy wrote about Boyes for Puck Daddy. Here are Boyes’ thoughts on possibly filling the first line wing spot:

“That’d be awesome,” Boyes said. “That’d be something I’d really try to take advantage of. At the same time, as long as I know what my role is and what I need to do, that’s something I’ll look forward to.”